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Between May and November 2013, the Museo Archeologico Eno Bellis (Oderzo) hosted a series of meetings, in which doctoral students from different universities were asked to present their ongoing studies in their respective disciplines, from archeology to museology, to architecture and design.
Under the title Fragility360, researchers in Design presented in Oderzo studies focused on the relationship between fragility and design, with special attention to exhibit design, to how to represent and take care of fragility in museums, archives and scientific research. Interventions have analyzed the many facets of the concept of fragility with reports of young researchers experts in design history and in design issues related to the creation of museum spaces. The story focused on the relationship between show and see, fundamental in museums locations; but also on project and construction problems that arise from transport and conservation of fragile products and on ideas for innovative interactive installations, created through the use of evanescent and unusual materials.

Graphic design and communication

How fragility can be translated into visual elements? I wanted to give the idea of ​​something light, ephemeral but alive. The idea took shape of a hibiscus flower, whose petals are among the most delicate, but also among the most colorful and the primary form of the circle.
Photography and graphic design by maddalenadesign

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    AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
    POSTED: 15th July 2013

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