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agripod maddalenadesign maddalena mometti

system of survey and communication of the agricultural row.

Agripod is the identity card of locally grown agricultural products that is accessible to the consumer via touch screen interface technology and RFID tagging technology intergrated in the packages through smart labels. When food package is held up to Agripod, the system recognizes the product and visualizes relevant information concerning that specific package: product description, date and origin of production, detaoled production sequence from field to the point of sale.


Agripod has been realized with Nanodesign research unit of Iuav university of Venice.
partners: Coldiretti Veneto, Francesco Barduca srl (company that produces and packages horticoltural products such as salads as ready-to-eat products), Jolly Sgambaro srl (company that produces pasta from sole Italian grown wheat), Veneto Nanotech, CIVEN Nanofab


The project has been presented in 2009 at the IX International of agriculture and food of Cernobbio and rewarded with the Festival Città delle Imprese Prize 2010 (Montebelluna, Treviso).

The project is described inside the book:
Kristian Kloeckl, Maddalena Mometti, Simone Bellan (edited by), Design, packaging & agricultural products. Design research and new technologies for agricultural food Packaging, © Nanodesign Research Unit – IUAV University of Venice

Agripod has been cited in different newspapers, too. You can read some articles here.

Agripod has been shown also at the television news Studio Aperto, Italia Uno channel, on 16th October 2009

agripod maddalenadesign maddalena mometti



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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 2nd March 2013

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