Best thesis award 2017 at Iuav university of Venice

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Iuav University of Venice has established a prize to enhance the excellent results achieved by many master thesis discussed at the same university. The award is reserved for the best theses produced within the six fields that collect the Iuav training offer: Architecture, Visual Arts, Design, Fashion, Urban Planning, Theater. The awarding of the six best theses of 2017 took place on Friday,2nd February, at Tolentini Building into the presence of the Rector, the department directors, the press and the entire Iuav community. Click here to visit the page dedicated to the award inside Iuav University Website

I am really happy that Luca Piccin ‘s thesis has been awarded as the best thesis of the year for the design field! And that the thesis of Arianna Tonello is among the selected ones!

The award ceremony was very nice in pure Iuav style. Participating taking part to these events is like coming home to me … Iuav community is complicated but you can not forget it and when you can find a harmonious meeting point between the various disciplines the results are truly remarkable.

I already told you about the details of these projects inside this post.

student Luca Piccin
supervisor Carla Langella
assistant supervisor Maddalena Mometti
Iuav University of Venice
best design thesis award 2017

student Arianna Tonello
supervisor Carla Langella
assistant supervisorMaddalena Mometti
Università Iuav di Venezia
selected project


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 15th February 2018

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