Blackness of Black

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Last night, Venice was charming and restless as ever. Walking through the streets, the lights of the city seemed to want to take refuge in the folds of the buildings, in the dark corners of the too narrow streets or dive into the channels inked in black.
Last night “we have gathered to celebrate the black”, in this way Angela Vettese began the presentation of the book “The Blackness of the Black” (La Nerezza del Nero) at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.
And I must say that having had the good fortune to attend the conference of 2010 that gave birth to the book, I felt really participant in the event.
“Black is the line that since childhood, we use to draw images, a boundary line” that gives life to our visual imagination, with these words Tarcisio Lancioni begins to describe the “black monolith”, which is the result of our efforts.
For me, the most attractive black is the color of Japanese lacquer, with its smooth night (Focillon, 1987), compact and impenetrable, as it appears in the reconstruction of the history of tea cups that is my personal contribution to the black book ;)
And Venice, last night, was really black as ever.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 13th November 2013

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