Canovaccio: Venice as an open-air interactive scenery for cultural real+virtual events

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Canovaccio app

Canovaccio is an interactive system, accessed by mobile phone and linked to a website streaming service,that helps people to organize and be involved in cultural events in Venice’s public spaces.
The Canovaccio project is linked to my personal research about the new possible connections between real and virtual things. Starting form the idea that contemporary reality is characterised by the multitasking functions, like windows opened simultaneously into physical and digital worlds, I am looking for the boundary places where these two dimensions keep in touch and/or can be mixed together in an usual way.
So the idea of a system that helps you easily plan virtual events, linked to the reality of a dreaming city like Venice and real people performances, is very powerful. This application also lets the user be able to project his events considering atoms and bits together, since the beginning of the design process.
The challenge for the future development of my research is to think about which kind of information about the city should be shown into the app according to users interests.
You can read more details about the project here.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 16th December 2011

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