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Shoes dreaming

Shoes dreaming

1 … dreams don’t need shoes, but women need shoes for being able to dream!

2 Pursuing the dream of designing between real and virtual world is a matter of talent, hard work, passion and powerful imagination.

3 She was conscious of this. Last Saturday, lying on the grass to watch the stars, as her sister had taught her when they were children…

4 … she realised that something had to change.

5 Standing up and looking at the ground she saw green little glitters on the wall.

light in the dark

6 -“So strange… they seemed like stars.” But they were only reflexes on her sandals of the light of a lamppost.

7 -”Your opinion about things depends on your point of view in that moment.”


9 @XXXX Thank you XXXX, great post! I would add also: “if a girl lives in Venice, she needs beautiful and fashion rain boots, too!”

10 Now she is smiling thinking about the funny article suggested from one follower of hers on Twitter. And surfing in the web…

11 … from link to link she is now reading about a very strange university that will be the first step of the turning point of her life.

12 Sitting on the bank of a little canale, she is looking at the water. There are no waves and so you can see the sky mirrored on its surface.

13 In these overcast days, when the sun is not reflecting on the waterways, you can have the impression that Venice is floating in the clouds.

14 A movement on the surface suddenly reveals the liquidity of this sky and she comes back to her thoughts.

15 -“It has been a very interesting week.” Monday morning she decided to go to visit the university she found on the web.

16 It is situated in a little artificial island in the lagoon, before the Lido: a nice building with a little secret garden.

17 But the secrets of the university, she is going to discover, will be many.

18 The creeper plant on the gate looked like the plants in autumn, but we are in July!

secret garden of the university

19 “Confront the dark parts of yourself. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. AUGUST WILSON” (from!/AdviceToWriters)

20 While she was still in front of the gate a guy said these words, walking quickly inside the garden.

21 -”Hey wait!”- she said. The guy was already disappeared. She entered in the garden. There were a lot of plants she had never seen before.

22 “Thierry Boutemy would love the mood of this flower…” (

23 In the left corner she recognised also a Portulaka…

24 … and she had the impression that this gentle plant was looking at her.


25 After the courtyard there was a wooden half-open door. She pushed it and went inside the building.

26 Today it’s another wet Saturday and, in this precise moment, she is planning what to cook for the lunch.

27 She is not a great cook, but when she is engaged she succeeds in preparing good plates…

28 … flavoured with fantasy and aesthetic taste in the presentation.

29 Her apartment is indeed small, but she is very proud of her terrace.

30 So while she is to the stoves, she can cast sidelong glances at the roofs of the surrounding palaces.

31 She opens her white and old fashioned streamlined fridge and look inside for inspiration.

32 She decided for Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Her favourite dish.

33 She put the pancetta to brown in olive oil and the pot, with the water to boil, on the fire.

34 The sizzling of the meat rebounded back to your ears and the scent filled up the kitchen quickly.

35 -“Mirta! Mirtaaaa!” – Someboy was calling her form the calle.

36 She leaned out of the terrace. -” Andrea? I cannot see you!! Come in!”

37 In the Venice of houses, embraced one to the other, it is not unusual a situation like this.

38 Andrea is a tall guy, with curly hair and the right sense of humor.

39 He is that kind of person that never loses the right perspective on the every day troubles.

40 Mirta didn’t have the time to open the door that the boy was already trying to taste the bacon.

41 -” Would you like to have lunch with me?” – Mirta said with irony.

43 The pasta was ready in a couple of minutes and the agitation of the moment melted.

44 As the dishes were on the table the conversation started.

45 -”I know that I am a wonderful cook, but I don’t think that you came here for my Carbonara ;) !”

46 -”You’re wrong! It’s very good. I am here only for this.”

47 – “Don’t joke, please…”

48 – “I would like to know how the university was…”

49 – “I would like to know how the university was…”

50 She smiled: she was looking forward to telling someone what happened.

51 -” At the beginning I was perplexed: the place was really a little bit bizarre, as people say…”

52 -”Another Venetian legend… “- Andrea said.

53 -”… but it seemed to me a well organized school, with interesting courses!”

54 Mirta told him about the fascinating flowers with autumnal colors (during the summer)…

55 -”well, some tropical plants have colors like those!”

56 How Men And Women See Different Colors (retweet-thanks to Inspirationf)

57 She didn’t answer because she was ashamed for having been influenced by the rumours about that place.

58 … and also because it wasn’t easy to describe what she had seen.

59 Words after words they arrived at talking about Andrea’s work.

60 -”Today I met a very funny couple.”- he said

61 Andrea is a gondoliere. And so very lively and always joking, especially about the tourists.

62 -”Let’s go in the terrace and tell me all your story!- Mirta said

63 (song number 3)

64 When Andrea starts his stories you have the feeling to be at the centre of world’s conversations.


66 – I was sitting inside my beautiful Gondola and I had just closed my eyes … -Andrea said.

67 -Please, take me far form here! – two green eyes asked me.

68 My attention was attracted by the title (in graceful white letters) of the small notebook she was embracing.

69 We had just left the side of the Canal that I saw a young men, a smart dressed man panting like after a desperate run!

70 And she began to cry. The title of her small notebook was “Incidents of the destiny”.

dark venice

71 Afterwards, I learned that their destinies had crossed thanks to a photo. In fact the boy is a photographer.

72 Some years ago, zooming on a photo taken in Paris, he noticed a girl at Notre Dame…

73 … and he felt that he needed to find her!

Shoes dreaming

Shoes dreaming

75 “Existait au moment de votre sourire…”

76 The next day the French photographer went to Notre Dame. And he asked everybody if they knew the girl of his picture.

77 For 5 days and 5 nights he turned the whole city, showing everyone that image …

78 … with no results.

79 He felt lost and sad and did not know what to do.
my wonderful followers (thank you so much!):

80 “image de vous en pixels évanescentes”

81 The photographer used this image in a digital projection on the window of his shop, with title: “images de vous en pixels évanescentes”

82 Retweet @mikekuniavsky “appcessories have a limited lifetime, cloudcessories last forever” (well….)

[James Blunt's song - You are beautiful]

84 When all his hopes had vanished, the girl appeared in the shop!

85 She knew that wasn’t the right decision but …

86 Emotions are quicker than thoughts –

87 – Nice photo – she said looking at her picture. The photographer didn’t answer and waited. -Well, don’t you invite me for a cup of coffee?

88 They walked around the city, they talked and laughed and smiled. A lot. [Lana Del Rey's song - Blue Jeans]

89 – Wow! – Mirta said – And then what happened? Why she was crying in your Gondola?

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