Underground Venice: new details

Chic Words | Underground Venice | Street Art | Amore e Psiche
Chic Words | Underground Venice | Street Style

Today I present you new images revealing the Underground Venice and highlighting some new features. In the previous post I showed you how industrial or typical elements of the urban landscape of metropolitan cities (such as a telephone booth) can also be seen in our liquid city, giving rise to landscapes sometimes surreal.

For those who had been distracted the post with which I introduced the concept of Underground Venice can be found at this link: >>>Underground Venice.

The importance of communication ethics
and visual composition ethics in an urban context

These shots depict street style interventions on the facades of buildings or on the walls of construction sites. Venice, as you know, is an open-air museum so going to intervene on any surface risks destroying centuries of history, but Venice is a city with inhabitants, visitors, passers-by, workers … a city that has its own life and therefore also here it happens that someone decides to leave the sign of his passage.

It would be nice, however, to be able to regulate the distribution of authorized billboards, enhancing both the graphics of contemporary posters and preserving the preexisting beauty, or to establish a kind of communication ethics, and ethics of visual composition. Do you agree?

Is not the drape that hides the scaffolding of certain buildings (like the one in the picture below) almost poetic? With its lightness, precariousness and signs of deterioration, in this specific foreshortening, it is much more harmonious than a well-tended and hyper-decorated one.

Chic Words | Underground Venice | Street Style

All the photographs in this post were made by Maddalena Mometti.

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