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First Italian symposium of Design Ph.D. Schools

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I was asked to create an image and a communication strategy for the first Italian symposium of Design Ph.D. Schools.So I started, in collaboration with my colleague Raffi Tchakerian, to think about a name for the convention which should be strong, simple but really meaninful for the design communities. Writing the brief for this project, the solution came from the definition of design, stated by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

Since the end of World War II, Italian university had the ability to create and foster a critical culture and perspective toward design, in a continuous exchange between art and science, and between humanistic and technical-scientific thinking. Even though Italy was one of the first countries to welcome the demand to establish academic centers of excellence in the field of industrial design, it hasn’t been able to fully capitalize this intuition through the creation of a strong network valorising its Doctorates.

From these reflections it emerges the need to set up a meeting of Italian PhDs in the field of design: in order to provide a relevant space to highlight the work done, too often overshadowed at the international level, and to draw attention to the strengths as well as to investigate the future horizons of the discipline.

Therefore, a relatively young discipline such as design needs to question relentlessly its disciplinary boundaries and the relationship between professional practice and academic research in the field, in order to identify new areas of intervention and to refine the methods of theoretical reflection and practice. But by doing so is the risk –which is paradoxically more evident within academia itself– to lose sight of the main point: design matters.


The logo

design matters maddalenadesign 3d logo

designmatters logo maddalenadesign

The logo is the representation of the concept: design matters, meaning design it’s important and disciplines of design, too. It has been studied to be transformed using different colors, textures and translated into 2D graphics, 3D graphics or carved out of different materials.



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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 26th December 2013

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