Design theory is not a scientific theory

“Design theory is not a scientific theory in the narrow sense of predicting the outcome an action irrespective of context and situation. Instead it is concerned with transforming the conditions and potentials for human action, with the intellectual virtue that is nearly forgotten in our technology-obsessed times but that Aristotele viewed as the most important one and labeled phronesis. Phronesis refers to an action-oriented and context-dependent design theory based on pratical value rationality. It is a practical theory with which designers can develop their sense of ethical and aesthetical judgement and create designs appropriate for their contexts.”
Pelle Ehn, 2004, “Foreword: the reflecive interation designer”, in Thoughtful interaction design. A design perspective on information technology. Cambridge (MA, USA) and London (UK), Mit Press, p. viii

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 29th July 2013

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