Research on Data Visualizations and Smart Things for Energy Management in the context of Internet of Energy and Smart Grids

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In a context in which the Internet is invading the physical world of objects, creating the Internet of Things, research on management of energy resources is also moving toward a model similar to Internet, opening the way for a more timely and accurate control and measurement of flows, of user requests and of availability of resources, creating the Internet of Energy. This scenario opens up new opportunities for the design of innovative products and services that enable you to interact with the energy in a more intelligent and dynamic.
The most important technologies, that will lead us towards the realization of the Internet of Energy, are Smart Grids, i.e. the intelligent electricity distribution networks. They have been designed in order to reduce energy consumptions, through a capillary monitoring of networks, to facilitate the placing on the market of electricity produced from renewable sources, to promote safety with respect to network failures and blackouts and, above all, to carry energy data together with energy on the same paths.
The spread of Smart Grids will then determine interesting changes in the way we perceive, think and interact with energy and, therefore, new developments in the conception of objects (Smart Things) that could process the new amount of data on energy, that could communicate these data to users by translating them into synthetic or detailed visualizations and that could define new power-user interaction strategies.

Since 2010 I started studying new ways of thinking and feeling the energy (with particular reference to electricity) both from a technological point of view and from the perspective of art and design. During my Ph.D. program I focused on Smart Grid technologies and the opportunities that their dissemination provide for the creation of new design products (Smart Things) for energy management and for displaying data associated with it. A section of my website is entirely dedicated to this project called Energization.

My publications on this subject:

Maddalena Mometti. Dumb to Smart Power Outlets: A Design Perspective on Smart Grids. Design Issues Autumn 2014, Vol. 30, No. 4: 20–32. Mit Press

Here you can find the paper. It is a reflections on the new ways of conceiving energy distribution and user-energy interactions thanks to Internet of Energy model.


Maddalena Mometti. Smart Energy Sustainability: l’Internet of Energy. DIID Disegno Industriale Industrial Design, 2014,No. 58: 80–85. Roma Design Più srl, ISBN 9788889819456

Here you can find the book. This paper provides an overview of what SMARTNESS means in energy sustainability research and its implications for design research.


Maddalena Mometti.Human-data interaction in the Age of Industry 4.0. Part 1.

Here you can read the article. A text that describes the influence of technologies for Industry 4.0 on human-machine interaction, considering the dialogue between user and data.


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 25th June 2016

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