James Dyson Award: one of my students in the runner up section!

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The final project of a thesis is the result of a difficult choice, it must be a work that highlights the student’s best skills, his / her research interests and the professional sector where he / she would like to work in the future. Rarely students at the last year of college have the necessary awareness to take this decision by themselves and so they must be guided. Much more often it is in the teachers’ ability to find a topic of thesis that can stimulate the student in the correct way and push him /her to overcome obstacles, focusing on the ultimate goal. Considering real problems to be solved through design is a strategy that I found to be effective, because it facilitates the preliminary stage of context analysis and encourages the focus of the brief on specific needs.
Another important factor is the relationship that is being created within the project team, i.e. teachers and graduating students. Working as a assistant supervisor with Carla Langella (mani supervisor) has been a source of great inspiration for me and the occasion to fond the best way to work joining enthusiasm, joy and professionalism.
I am really happy that the results of our work have also been appreciated by James Dyson commission.
Two thesis projects that we have followed this year: Sensitize by Luca Piccin and Proteo by Arianna Tonello, have had a good placement at the James Dyson Award. The first, Sensitize, was also one of the finalists.

student Luca Piccin
supervisor Carla Langella
assistant supervisor Maddalena Mometti
Iuav University of Venice

Sensitive is a aid kit for medical use, for the assistance of rehabilitation of facial paralysis.
It has been developed according to the rehabilitation ETC method.
Sensitive is a medical kit that consist of five sets of tools which are differentiated by color.
Each set has been studied to work on one or more specific parts of the face such as: skin, lips, cheeks and tongue.

student Arianna Tonello
supervisor Carla Langella
assistant supervisor Maddalena Mometti
Iuav University of Venice

Project of an innovative, multifunctional, ergonomic gamepad adaptable to different platform.
The problem I dealt with is the prevention of some postural pathologies of the hand due to the prolonged use of the video game Gamepad. According to the statistics draw up by the Entertainment Software Association, the 65 percent of the American families has a game console, so that demonstrates how video games are played on a daily basis by any people. The continuous and prolonged use of those devices, could bring to harmful consequences, the repetitive thumb movement, the wrist position during the playing are the main cause of pathology concerning the tendon inflammation, or the swelling of the protective sheath.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 10th September 2017

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