My Friday on La Repubblica

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When everything happens in an unexpected way, but with a perfect synchronism, it is really nice. After days of strong work, finally Friday morning we opened the exhibition Medical Design and telemedicine to which I had invited you.
And on Friday morning, while I was struggling with the finishing touches, I get a call from a friend. – “What are you doing on  ilVenerdì of La Republica ?”—- a big Italian newspaper ;) —–
Initially I thought it was a joke, but out of curiosity I run to buy a copy of the newspaper.
The same day in the central page of ilVenerdì of La Republica there was a a nice article about some projects of ours. The power and beauty of serendipity always leaves me amazed. Thank you all.
If you want to read what was written click here .

il Venerdì di Repubblica 27 giugno 2014

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 28th June 2014

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