Master TDSI – I am collaborating to the creation of a multidisciplinary educational project on innovation

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I am collaborating with Università Caʼ Foscari Venezia and Università degli Studi di Padova in order to give life to a multidisciplinary educational project for the formation of the new generation of Innovators: the Master’s Degree in Technology & Design Strategy Innovation (TDSI) which will begin March 22, 2018.

Unconventional postgraduate specialization on innovation
Deadline for participation: February, 28 2018
see the website

This educational project wants to encourage the contamination between different disciplines through both the teaching plan and the composition of the class.

During the selection phase we will try as much as possible to favor the formation of a class with diversified professional profiles, in order to be able to create mixed working groups for the final project work.
p style=”text-align: justify;”>The project work will consist in the realization of an innovation project, which can range from the design of innovative products / services, to the design of communication projects and brand identity or to the development of innovative business models.

The candidacies are open to young people enthusiasts of innovation, in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design, Architecture, Communication Design, Visual Arts, as well as engineers and graduates in economics and humanities as well as startuppers who want to increase their business thanks to the help of professionals, successful entrepreneurs and university researchers.

The Master has a duration of one year and takes place on weekends (one or two a month depending on the month) so that it can be attended by those who already work. The deadline for submission of the admission application is February, 28 2018 through the website

For the most deserving candidates, there are also numerous scholarships to cover total enrollment fees, financed by successful Italian companies.

I will personally take care of the didactic coordination of this project, so who wants more information on how to enroll, on teaching and scholarships can write directly to
I am waiting for you!


Latest news: during an interview at Radio Ca’ Foscari we reveal more information on the fundamentals of indisciplinarity, on scholarships and the final project work.

At this link you can find the interview at Radio Bue: click here to listen to the interview.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 11th February 2018

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