Murano Glass, ceramics, natural stone and design

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My passion for glass increased when I had the chance to work for an Italian company in the field of glass, Murano glass and wood furniture. I appreciated the brightness of the colors of these materials and the shiny effects of glass.

I worked also as interior designer in the field of ceramic, glass and natural stone (coverings and objects). Thanks to these experiences, I developed a good sense of colour and taste for combining different textures and materials.

My main interests are: on one side everything real, strictly connected to material properties, physical, you-can-touch-with-your-hands and, on the other side, what is virtual, changing, fluctuating, evanescent and versatile and I cultivate the dream of finding the way both these extreme points
together joining artistic handicraft and new interactive and communication technologies.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 16th June 2012

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