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My collaboration platform continues and this time it has extended, as well as to the realization of a research essay, also to the realization of some dedicated infographics. The theme of research is the impact of technologies for Industry 4.0 on man-machine relationship, understood as the dialogue between the individual and the data in the context of the Internet of Energy. I decided to tackle this topic through the tools of visual research, going to explore, through drawing, the relationships between the user and intelligent object system and the evolution of the interaction between the man and the energy, studying the evolution of computer history. The link between electricity and communication has always been very tight since the creation of the first media such as the telegraph and the telephone. With the advent of the computer and the progressive digitization of the components, the relationships between these two networks have become symbiotic. For this reason our current relationship with energy is very much affected by the cognitive metaphors we have learned in relating to computers and electronic devices.

To know more about my research on the Internet of Energy you can visit this page:

Research on Data Visualizations and Smart Things for Energy Management in the context of Internet of Energy and Smart Grids

or the section dedicated to the energyzation project:

Energization Project

or you can read the paper published on

Here you can read the article. A text that describes the influence of technologies for Industry 4.0 on human-machine interaction, considering the dialogue between user and data.


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 10th February 2018

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