My Latest Project with Nanodesign

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It has been recently published by Iuav University of Venice the book Design, packaging & agricultural products. Design research and new technologies for agricultural food packaging. This publication, edited by Kristian Kloeckl, Maddalena Mometti and Simone Bellan, contains some of the more interesting results developed during the collaboration with Nanodesign and Coldiretti Veneto (Coldiretti  is Italy’s and Europe’s largest organisation of agricultural producers.) Central thread of the research has been the fusion between new technologies of identification and codifies of data and local agricultural culture. After a starting phase of study and analysis of the context of the companies partner, we have defined 4 experimental projects: 1. Agripod, system of survey and communication of the agricultural row; 2. Tag-Pack, exploration of integration of RFID tags and datamatrix in the packaging;3. Smart-Cut, contemporary consumption and shape-changing packaging; 4. Volume variation of packaging and anti-bacterial material, nanotechnologies for food packaging.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 27th September 2010

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