No Name Design exhibition by Franco Clivio

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Saturday,4th May 2013, at the Gewerbemuseum in Wintertur (Switzerland) has opened the exhibition edited by Franco Clivio No Name Design.

The exhibition presents a selection of 900 objects drawn from the personal collection of the designer. The collection is the result of painstaking research and accumulation of anonymous objects from all over the world. Seemingly simple, these objects (for a sharp and careful eye) may reveal an extraordinary intelligence inherent in their design: they are “intelligent” objects in the manner of Franco Clivio.

The exhibition reveals, but does not show up at all, the reasons that have led to put the different items in the collection, inviting the viewer to ask himself the right questions, to look in oder to understand, and above all to learn to apply this kind of curious glance even in every day life .

A lesson on design that brings us back to the true essence of design, a lesson I had the good fortune to be able to listen from the voice of an extraordinary mentor and friend, during the period when he taught at the Iuav Universityof Venice.

No-Name Design exhibition

Franco Clivio




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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 6th May 2013

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