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maddalena mometti - franco clvio - BN

This picture may look vintage instead was taken on Thursday evening (June 19) in Milan. Vintage because the exhibition shows the link between historical objects and everyday objects, and because No Name design of Franco Clive (Swiss designer and curious collector represents an important event in the history of design.
I’ve already told about No Name Design at its inauguration in Wintertur (Switzerland).
The exhibition was a great and well-deserved success and so began a tour through Europe last Thursday and was hosted at the Triennale in Milan.
The event was an opportunity to meet Franco and other big names of international design, but also to discover or rediscover the stories related to the items shown, such as glacier glasses and a patent for a solid geometric figure (the oloide).
The exhibition reveals how the good objects of anonymous design are result of generation of designers who, in the course of history have given rise to a co-design and an open-design ante litteram, offering an implicit very sophisticated reflection on these issues.

maddalena mometti - franco clivio  - color


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 21st June 2014

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