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Sunday I have been at the Open Design Italia fair in Venice as fotoreporter. It has been and amazing day. I meet a sweet designer (Roberta Zovanardi) who showed me her clay pearls that become lamps. I spoke about fashion shows and how difficult is wearing a 12 cm heel to walk from Venice train station to S. Marco Square with a glamourous fashion stylist. I had a coffee in a boat-restorant.

Open design Italia “is a market-exhibition which focuses on self-produced and small series design and selects creative people through an international competition”.

In 1909, Peter Kropotkin was asked whether it was possible to learn a trade as difficult as gardening from books. “Yes, it is possible,” he replied, “but a necessary condition of success, in work on the land, is communicativeness – continual friendly intercourse with your neighbours.”
[...] Openness, in short, is more than a commercial and cultural issue. It’s a matter of survival.

John Thackara, Open design book


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 26th November 2013

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