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Books & papers


Vicenzo Cristallo, Maddalena Mometti, Pietro Nunziante. 2017. Report. I processi. In: Raimonda Riccini (edited by). Frid 2017. Fare ricerca in design. Forum nazionale dei dottorati di ricerca in Italia, seconda edizione. Il Poligrafo. 55-57. Padova. ISBN 978-88-7115-976-8.

Reflections on the processes related to the practice of design and future developments of methodologies for design research.


Maddalena Mometti. Smart Energy Sustainability: l’Internet of Energy. DIID Disegno Industriale Industrial Design. 2014. No. 58: 80–85. Roma Design Più srl. ISBN 9788889819456

Here you can find the book. This paper provides an overview of what SMARTNESS means in energy sustainability research and its implications for design research.


Maddalena Mometti. Dumb to Smart Power Outlets: A Design Perspective on Smart Grids.Design Issues Autumn 2014. Vol. 30. No. 4: 20–32. Mit Press

Here you can find the paper. It is a reflections on the new ways of conceiving energy distribution and user-energy interactions thanks to Internet of Energy model.


Kristian Kloeckl, Maddalena Mometti, Simone Bellan (edited by). 2010. Design, packaging & agricultural products. Design research and new technologies for agricultural food Packaging. © Nanodesign Research Unit – Iuav University of Venice (Italy)

The research project Design, packaging & agricultural products aims to investigate the possibilities for creating new packagings for agricultural products, offered by changes of distribution ways (such as short supply-chain and buying groups), using the ability of nanotechnologies to create high-performance materials.
The book documents analysis methods adopted, references, concepts and projects developed and future application scenarios assumed.


Maddalena Mometti. 2013. “Nero laccato nelle tazze da tè giapponesi” (“Lacquered black in Japanese tea cups”). In: Patrizia Magli. La Nerezza del Nero (Blackness of Black), vol. 2 of Atelier delle immagini. Semiotica del visivo. p. 178-181, Zel Edizioni Treviso (Italy), ISBN/ISSN: 978-88-96600-80-1 (Only Italian)

Junichiro Tanizaki’s words in the “Book of shadow” are the starting point for a research on the Japanese lacquer. The aesthetic experience described by the writer  is reconstructed, Through the analysis of an ancient wooden cup for tea ceremony. Passing through the difficult problems of  iconography identification, the origin of accessories for Theism and the characteristics that give value and charm to black laquer, we discover a shade made by accumulation of layers, able to tell us the interweaving of production history  and object’s life.


Exhibitions, events & conferences

Move Your Dream workshop 2017 was described in real time on the Valigeria Roncato ‘s blog.
Read here

Agripod project has been shown at the IX International Forum of agriculture and food of Cernobbio and rewarded with the Festival Città delle Imprese Prize 2010 (Montebelluna, Treviso).

Dynamic Fractals, interactive installation, has been presented the 25 October at Science Festival of Genova 2012.

Spider project, helmet for firemen, (master’s degree thesis), won the prize Concorso nazionale INAIL-MIUR per lavori sul tema dellasicurezza e salute nei luoghi di vita, di lavoro e di studio.

See also WORKSHOP & EVENTS page.



Ortopedici e sanitari, November 2017 PDF file

AIAP (Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visivia) News April 2017, link and PDF file

Tecnica Ospedaliera, November 2016 PDF file

OF ARCH. International Magazine of Architecture and Design, number 138, 2016 PDF file

Ortopedici e Sanitari, October 2016 PDF file

Il giornale dell’Architettura, June 2016, link and PDF file

Progettare per la Sanità, October 2015 PDF file

Domus 985 – Smart City Special Edition, PDF file

Il Venerdì di Repubblica, 27th June 2014 PDF file

Corriere del Veneto, 28th June 2014 PDF file

Agripod project – press

Design Matters project – press

La provincia di Varese, 2014, link and PDF file

Sordi on line, 2014, link and PDF file

Medical Design and Telemedecine exhibition 2014 – press



Nanodesign Research Unit

New Design Vision Research Unit

Triennale Ceramica d’Este 2010


Exhibit 2011
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