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RHYTHMS INTERSECTIONS.Interactive dance performance
Rhythms’ Intersections is a virtual atmosphere created only by the use of geometrical graphic icons, studied in order to become an interactive electronic instrument (much apt to improvisation representations), to manage trough the movements of the body bringing to life a show of overlap of music, dance and graphic.

A hip-hop performer dances on a music mixed live from an electronic musician and, through her movements, modulates the variations of one virtual wall, according to the speed of the motion.

The second virtual wall is put, instead, in vibrations by the volume variations of the music.
maddalenadesign dance theatre
Maddalena Mometti,Davide De Carlo, Nicola Nicchetto

Special thanks to:

  • Klaus Obermaier
  • Cristina Barbiani
  • Martina Menegon
  • Stefano D’Alessio


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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 18th February 2014

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Rhythms Intersections