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In October, 2014 I organized the TV2020 Smart City Lab.

TV2020 Smart City Lab is and International Workshop on Smart Cities,Smart Buildings and Internet of Things topics, born as an important stage of multi-disciplinary design experimentation, inside Treviso 2020 (Iuav / TUDelft) research project.
The city of Treviso, with particular reference to Fiera Neighbourhood, will be observed and analysed in order to identify the specific characteristics and opportunities for urban redevelopment projects, according to European guidelines for Smart Cities. Besides,
the community of Treviso will be interviewed in order to better understand the lives and needs of its users / citizens.

Our numbers: 13 workshops, more than 200 students, more than 50 teachers, 5 universities involved

From October 3rd to 10th, Iuav University hosted in Venice 13 workshops for students of master degree courses (selected through the evaluation of their portfolios) with teachers and students from Iuav and other renowned universities: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, Olanda), Università Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC, Spagna), TU Beijing (China), Chonnam University (CNU, South Korea).

The workshops had a multidisciplinary character and they covered various disciplines: graphic design, product design, architecture and urban planning, theatre and performing arts, ICT technologies.
The main focus of TV2020 Smart City Lab was to develop concrete project and governance proposals in order to transform Treviso in a real Smart City, according to the different levels of scale of each discipline: products and artifacts, buildings, neighbourhoods, urban area or metropolitan area of the city.

Among the topics covered by the workshops: corporate image design, creative city and resilient city, Internet of Things and Internet of Energy, consumer engagement, medical design and telemedicine, housing quality, waste management, cultural facilities, sustainable logistics and transport networks, green public procurement, information design and way finding, project of ICT-networks, …

During the workshops were also planned intervention and active participation of local institutional, cultural, civil and economic bodies.
Their valuable contribution will allow us, on one side, to verify the proposals for analysis tools and design tools (for information and widespread participation in collective decisions), developed inside the 13 working groups; on the other side, to establish the conditions for truly participation in the creation of Treviso Smart City.

See the dedicated website.
tv2020 maddalenadesign
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  • Medardo Chiapponi (Iuav University of Venice), Overall Director & Scientific Referent
  • Luisa Maria Calabrese (TU Delft), Research Director & International Relations
  • Maddalena Mometti, Organization
    Special thanks to:

  • Medardo Chiapponi for his support
  • Lorena Mio, for her love and hard work in the project, and all the staff of DPPAC Department
  • Silvia Gasparotto, Luca Casarotto, Anastasia Koslova, Silvia Pallotti, Pablo Rodes and Lucilla Calogero, for their friendship, help and funny happy hours together
  • Massimiliano Ciammaichella, for precious advices in difficult moments and his friendship
  • Paola Donati, Francesco Gerardi, Elena Ostanel, Leonardo Ciacci, Michele Sinico for being a very beautiful theater and video and psychology team to work with
  • Roberto Grossa, Andrea Pertoldeo, Umberto Ferro, Michele Lazzarini and all the efficient and nice photographers of Iuav
  • All my wonderful 200 students
  • All the concierge staff of Magazzini Ligabue Buildings
    La tribuna di Treviso – 17th February 2017
    Domus 985 – Smart City Special Edition
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