The pianist out of place – today in Venice

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Paolo Zanarella by maddalenadesign

Paolo Zanarella by maddalenadesign

Today I was walking toward the train station, returning from a morning at university. The air in the city is crisp and fresh these days, the light is clear and almost dazzling and tourists are taking advantage of this fall (almost spring) to visit Venice.
At the foot of the Bridge of the Constitution I saw a little group of people that were watching in the same direction. I approached and I began to feel the music first and later, watching behind the crowd, a piano.
How wonderful, I could not suppress a smile. The pianist was playing with passion, sometimes waving to passers-by, sometimes hanging on the thread of his thoughts.
I have always argued that Venice was a beautiful open-air theater! ;)

The pianist out of place is Paolo Zanarella.

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AUTHOR: Maddalena Mometti
POSTED: 7th November 2012

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