My First day at Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020

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Today I spent a truly electrifying afternoon, with entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, journalists … to reflect together on the Future of Fashion.

I carefully chose from my closet the perfect outfit for an international digital meeting focusing on an essential and professional look (a total black interrupted only by a bright blue necklace of my production) and I entered the digital room reserved for the press, waiting excitedly the start of the conference.


Sustainable Fashion
and pandemic response strategies to face Covid-19

I am following for you Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020, international conference organized by Fashinnovation: New York communication agency founded by Marcelo and Jordana GuimarĂ£es in 2018 to give life to high-level debate among the protagonists of fashion industry on issues related to technology, innovation, design and business. The main themes of 2020 edition are of great importance: Sustainable Development Goals and response strategies to face Covid-19. I am therefore delighted to be able to attend the event in the front row.

Stay connected to the Chic Words pages because in the next few hours I will tell you the details of the forum and add information on this page.

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[1] Official website of the convention

[2] The Sustainable Development Goals are a series of strategic objectives developed by the United Nations to build a more sustainable future. For more information you can consult the official website:

From the top:
[image 1] Screenshot from corporate of Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020, credits Fashinnovation

[image 2] Graphic design illustration by Maddalena Mometti, from a picture of collection

[image 3] Graphic design illustration by Maddalena Mometti with a portrait of Carry Somers, co-founder of Fashion Revolution movement, credits Dvora Photography & Fashion Revolution

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Fashinnovation 2020 | Chic Words
My first day at Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020
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