Chic Words | Metaverso della Moda | Intro
Introduction to the Fashion Metaverse
Chic Words | M3 Knitwear
Warm interlacing and Made in Italy
Jordana GuimarĂ£es, Woman of Inspiration and co-founder of FASHINNOVATION
Chic Words - FASHINNOVATION - Jordana GuimarĂ£es
Welcome to New York
Chic Words | Grove Cradle film - Philip beesley 20 - 2021
The journey of a work of art from Toronto to Venice
Chic Words | Grove Cradle film - Philip beesley 1 - 2021
A new architecture for a new kind of human beings
Chic Words | Interview Denim
Consciously Jeans
Chic Words | Interview Chandralika & Shivang of Bighthinx
Digital Glamour: when fashion opens up new worlds
Chic Words | Green Carpet Fashion Awards
Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020
Ecoalf | Recycled Materials | Cotton Flower |Chic Words
Ecoalf: rethinking fashion business models
Carry Somers | Fashion Revolution | Chic Words
Carry Somers’ revolution
Aquafil | Ecoglamour | Circular Economy | Chic Words
Aquafil: a company where the economy is truly circular
Fashinnovation 2020 | Chic Words
My First day at Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 2020
Science and Fashion | Chic Words
Fashion and Science
Ananas Composition | Chic Words | ecofashion
Ananas for your eco-glamour