Muskin by Grado Zero Innovation


A skin
extracted from mushrooms


MuSkin is an eco-alternative, 100% vegetable, to animal skin. It has the ability to absorb moisture and release it in a short time. It is not waterproof in its natural form, but can be treated with ecological wax for the purpose.
It has a soft surface very similar to suede and its texture, goes from soft to slightly rigid (like cork).

Muskin is a skin extracted from mushrooms (Phellinus ellipsoideus) and is processed in a manner totally similar to that animal, with a tanning, however, entirely natural.
The total absence of chemicals makes Muskin non-toxic and therefore ideal for use
in the manufacture of items that are in direct contact with the skin.

Grado Zero Innovation is a leading research, consulting and prototyping organization specialized in technology transfer of materials and technologies from extreme sectors such as, for example, aerospace or medical-surgical,in normal daily use. It arises as a connector among different industrial sectors and pure research entities (universities, testing laboratories, Space Agencies…) collecting different know-hows and identifying new ways
of using materials and technologies.

Photos of Muskin by Grado Zero Innovation

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