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You know: my greatest passions are Fashion and Technology . If technological innovation goes hand in hand with the creation of glamorous experiences, clothes or accessories, I am absolutely unable to resist!
The latest in technological glamour is the span style=”color: #7c8aa4;”> Fashion Metaverse, a term that has become so viral but is not always understood correctly.

“The term “Metaverse” is composed of two words: “meta” means “beyond”, and “towards” means “universal”.
The word Metaverse was first used in 1992 by Neal Stephenson within the cyberpunk novel Snow Crash to refer to a “a 3D virtual world populated by digital human replicas by which a convergence zone of interactive virtual spaces is defined.”[Note 1]


What is the Metaverse?


So what does Metaverse mean today?

  • It is the evolution of the Internet towards a more immersive and immersive experience.
  • A new universe in which digital and physical influence each other.
  • A set of interactive virtual spaces, in which the human presence is represented by Avatars..
  • .

Pay attention! We are not talking about an imaginary dimension, but a concrete reality, the first manifestations of which we are beginning to see, and in which all human activities in the physical world (educational activities, economic activities, entertainment, and even the monetary system) find a digital transposition. What happens in digital space has real repercussions on the world made of atoms: purchasing goods, company meetings, collaborations, events,… are some of the examples of what is already happening in the Metaverse. It is up to us to understand when and why to enter this new universe.


How can you access the Metaverse?


So how can you access the Metaverso?
There are several virtual spaces and platforms to choose from and many are emerging. The enthusiasm of users and companies that are doing business with the Metaverse is very high! The situation is constantly evolving.

hardware point of view:

  • a computer with a stable Internet connection is sufficient to visit some digital realities;
  • others are visited via a Smart Phone;
  • and still others, for a truly immersive experience, require the use of Virtual Reality Visors.


The keys to enter the various digital spaces are different:

  • the access to platforms such as Decentraland and Roblox is allowed to everyone by creating an account on their site;
  • other particularly exclusive digital lands are only accessible by invitation


Fashion Metaverse


Characteristics such as Exclusivity, Innovation and Technology could not fail to attract the Fashion World, which immediately seized the opportunity to create new experiences and new aesthetic expressions. Names such as Gucci, Moncler, Benetton and Luis Vuitton are entering this new universe.
The strategies followed are multiple: creation of events and fashion shows, digital or physical accessories to be used within or in the physical world, creation of wearable accessories. All wrapped in an aura of innovative style that makes the Fashion Metaverse truly appealing, not only to gaming enthusiasts!

And Chic Words is here to tell you about this!

Some previews had already been hosted on our pages:

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The research project
in partnership with IUSVE University


This topic fascinates me so much that I decided to start a dedicated research project.
The project will analyze the opportunities of interest to the Fashion industry offered by the Metaverse and it will involve both Fashion professionals and enthusiasts!
If you would like to participate in exclusive digital events and/or share your opinion on the Fashion Metaverse please subscribe to >>> our mailing-list.

Here you can find more information:

[1] Excerpt of the definition of metaverse from the online Encyclopaedia Treccani (Italian language).

[Picture 1] Image taken from, author Cottonbro.

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