Chic Words fly

The idea of telling how fashion can be a tool to interpret innovative technologies and make us love them, came to me sometime ago. But this idea has been waiting between my personal notes until in my imagination it took the right shape, image and words.
However, as soon as I have decided to present this idea to friends and editors (young, dynamic and forward-looking) were born of the fantastic opportunities for collaboration and I discovered that chicwords have wings and henceforth also they will alight on other magazines, too.

Here you can read >>>why I created Chic Words project.

At the links below you can find the results of the first flights:
>>> 1 Dresses, natural elements and weather in the age of High-Tech Fashion


>>> 2 Computational fashion and 4D print. The glamorous side of fabbing and synthetic biology.


>>> 3 Science and Fashion Design


>>> 4 The ethical shape of sensitive machines. Philip beesley and industry 4.0

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